I designed and taught sixty-four courses for National Taiwan University between 2000 and 2016 in the areas of  Biblical Studies, Literature, History, Creative Writing, Dissertation Writing, English Language, and Cultural Studies. 

 Throughout my time at National Taiwan University I received Outstanding Teaching Awards. My average score for National Taiwan Universitys three-year evaluations for research, teaching, service and student evaluations from 2000-2016 was 97%.

 At KIMEP University in Kazakhstan  I designed new courses in Shakespeare for Business, Film Studies and Screenwriting, the Fundamentals of Creative Writing and Philosophies, Psychologies and Cultural Theories of Character. 

 All of my teaching is based on the Educational Psychological methods developed during my M.Ed. work on Metacognition and Strategic Learning  in Higher Education (2000). 

 I have supervised numerous students in the areas of Cultural Adaptation, Literary Afterlives and Film and Screen Studies. My interest in supervising in these areas remains live, but I would also encourage students to consider researching in the areas that are key to my current research interests. For the past five years, I have been developing work in Environmental Humanities, Animal Studies, Memoir and philosophies and applications of Humour.